About Scaffolding Cost

Throw away your pencils!

For hundreds of years, scaffolding companies in Great Britain have been trying to find the best way to price scaffolding. It took a team of tech-savvy entrepreneurs many hours to crack the code.

Now your scaffolding company can have your own automated scaffolding quote generator. Contact us for a bespoke solution.

Our scaffolding cost estimator generates quotes based on data from London, United Kingdom. The base pricing model is updated frequently, and as of January 1st, 2024 is using a price per square meter of £18.


Kate Wilshire

AI Developer

Kate loves taking on a new project and using her experience in AI to build solutions for businesses. While most people get excited about a new pair of shoes, Kate gets excited about a new code posted on GitHub.

Earl Kingsley

AI & Automation

Earl has years of experience in web development going back to the 1990’s. Before there was automation and AI, there was a simple world wide web. 20 years of playing around with technology helped him develop the tools you see today.

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