Scaffolding Cost per m2

How much does scaffolding cost per square meter (m2) in London or Manchester?

The simple answer is £20 a square meter.

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Calculating the Cost of Scaffolding

Start with calculating the square meters of the scaffolding tower.

To calculate the square meters, you must calculate Height x (multiply by) Width x (multiply by) Depth.

(Most people forget about calculating the depth, and end up with the wrong number). Note: The depth of a standard scaffolding tower is 1.5 meters deep. This is the measurement from the front to the back of the scaffolding tower.

Occasionally the depth of a scaffolding is more than 1.5 meters. For example, when the face of the building is not straight, areas like bay windows, or conservatories jutting out, will require a deeper scaffold. But as a general rule, it is safe to estimate the depth of the scaffold to be 1.5 meters.

Scaffolding Cost per m2

Every scaffolding tower built in London or Manchester is unique because they are built with the Tube & Clamp system. This is different than the scaffolding you will see many times in Europe, which is called modular scaffolding.

Tubular scaffolding is built exactly to size and is more fluid in its ability to adjust to the many types of building facades seen in the United Kingdom.

As we discuss in greater detail on the page: “Calculating Scaffolding Costs“, one of the methods for pricing scaffolding is just to calculate the square meters, and multiply it by a number between £16 and £22.

If you call 5 scaffolding companies in London, you will probably get 5 quotes of which 4 of them are exactly the same.

When dealing with a large scaffolding project that is 25 or 50 meters long, the price is no longer just a multiple of square meters.

Scaffolding Cost per m2

Cheap Scaffolding in London

Scaffolding many times is considered a necessary evil, and many homeowners or handymen try to get around the need for scaffolding.

The way to find cheap scaffolding in London is by calling around 10 companies on Yell, and finding a “street scaffolder” who will do the price for 50% less than the high street firms advertising on Google.

By using the £18 a square meter number, you can keep calling firms until you find the one that will offer that price.

But is it safe you ask?

Scaffolding is very much a sell regulated industry, and anyone can open a scaffolding company because there is no licensing requirements for the company. The scaffolder who builds the scaffold should have a CISRS license as an advanced or part 2 scaffolder.

Scaffolding Costs in London vs Manchester

Is it cheaper to get scaffolding in Manchester than to get scaffolding in London? The simple answer is No!

You may think that London is an expensive city, and therefore the cost of scaffolding is higher, however, it is pretty much the same. The price for materials is the same everywhere in the UK.

The cost of labour in Manchester is lower than in London, however, the competition in London keeps prices pretty much the same.