Scaffolding Hire Costs London

What are the scaffolding hire costs for a scaffolding tower on a home in London? It is a simple question without a simple answer.

DIY Scaffolding Tower

1.8 meter scaffolding towers are available for hire or purchase, from all hardware / home improvement stores.

A DIY scaffolding tower, is usually 1.8 meters wide, and you select how tall you need. The options are usually 3, 4, or 5 meters tall.

Hire cost ranges from £150 – £250 a week, depending on which size you go with, and what area of London you are located.

Many handymen, buy such towers because they will use the scaffolding more than one time. Homeowners tend to hire them for a weekend and don’t bother looking at the purchase price, which can be as cheap as £250 to own it outright.

Scaffolding Hire Costs London

Entire Home Wall Scaffolding

Scaffolding you see outside of the home, is a whole different story.

Home improvements and repairs to the house like roof repair, window replacement, or painting, require scaffolding along the entire side of the home.

Scaffolding hire costs for a wall of scaffolding, with multiple levels of working platforms, are charged on a per-meter basis.

Take a look at the chart below. You will see a sample of scaffolding quotes generated by our scaffolding cost calculator in January 2024.

The scaffolding hire costs for the towers listed below are for a straight scaffold on one side of a house.

January 2024 Scaffolding Quotes London

Scaffold WidthScaffold Height4 Week Hire Cost
3 Meters Wide6 Meters Tall £        486
3 Meters Wide10 Meters Tall £        810
5 Meters Wide4 Meters Tall £        540
5 Meters Wide5 Meters Tall £        675
5 Meters Wide8 Meters Tall £    1,080
6 Meters Wide4 Meters Tall £        648
6 Meters Wide5 Meters Tall £        810
6 Meters Wide7 Meters Tall £    1,134
7 Meters Wide6 Meters Tall £    1,134
8 Meters Wide3 Meters Tall £        648
8 Meters Wide6 Meters Tall £    1,296
8 Meters Wide9 Meters Tall £    1,944
9 Meters Wide6 Meters Tall £    1,458
10 Meters Wide7 Meters Tall £    1,890
10 Meters Wide10 Meters Tall £    2,700
Scaffolding Hire Costs Calculator

How To Estimate Scaffolding Hire Costs

It is very easy to estimate scaffolding hire costs when you are using a proper spreadsheet. The reason scaffolders make it so complicated is that they don’t have a pricing spreadsheet!

Scaffolders recalculate their costs and profits on a per-job basis. Depending on their levels of scaffolding supply, laborers, and the wheather.

Calculate the true size of the scaffold.

To calculate the size of a scaffold, you must calculate the total square meters of tubes and boards.

Sounds easy right? 5 x 5 = 25.

Wrong, scaffolding requires you to calculate: Depth x Height x Width. (If you forget to calculate depth, you will get the wrong number).

What is the depth of a standard scaffolding tower? The depth of a standard scaffolding tower is 1.5 meters. In industry terms, it is a 5 board platform. Each board is 12 inches, which translates into 1.5 meters.

Scaffolding Hire Costs Calculator


When you need scaffolding, instead of estimating the cost based on weekly hire rates, simply use our updated calculators which will give you a perfect idea of the scaffolding hire cost.

There is no fixed number, just like when your friend asks you; what is the cost of hiring a car for a week in London. Well, it depends if you want a Fiat Punto or a Bentley.